Sustainability initiatives at BioGaia

BioGaia’s business strategy is the starting point for sustainability work which is integrated into day-to-day operations. The materiality analysis and ongoing dialog with the company’s stakeholders provide support when prioritizing issues and resources. Each unit has operational responsibility for ensuring that targets and activities linked to the sustainability focus areas are integrated into operations. Planning of activities, governance and follow-up are incorporated into the business plans. BioGaia’s Communications and Sustainability Manager together with the CFO is responsible for coordination and communication of sustainability initiatives.


The BioGaia Way

BioGaia has focused the sustainability work within five focus areas. Contributing to global health is an overriding aim and also a strong driver for employees. “The BioGaia Way”, the ambition to be a “good company”, is firmly anchored in BioGaia’s corporate culture and is also reflected in the common values. Within the framework of these strategic focus areas. The areas are:

  • Contributing to global health
  • Sustainable purchasing and production
  • Sustainable products
  • High business ethics
  • Attractive employer